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Sparks, Nevada

Sparks, Nevada

My name is Jennifer. I work for Mountain Circle Family Services in Reno, NV.  Our organization serves Nevada and California with foster parents. We also have an annual event – Running with the Bears in Greenvile, CA. Continue reading

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Charity Running – Deanna Morris

Deanna started running 2 1/2 years ago at the tender, young age of 48.  Her sister was training for her first Ironman and Deanna was amazed at her dedication and hard work.  Continue reading

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Charity Running – Rosey Bertoluzza

Rosey ran in high school but never stuck to it afterwards.  She started running again in 2010 to combat the boredom of working from home.  After running consistently for about a month and a half, she ran her first half marathon.  Love was born.  Rosey has run two marathons and tons of other races, but Running with the Bears is BY FAR her favorite!!!  (She did mention that the people are awesome.  Why thank you!)

Rosey loves the feeling of finishing a marathon, but really likes the 10K distance as it’s easier to finish and you can push for a PR – personal record.

Rosey at Running with the Bears!

Rosey at Running with the Bears!

This year is Rosey’s 3rd year with us and she plans to do it every year no matter what.  Last year, just 4 weeks before the race, she shattered her toe but still came to hobble the course.  A friend of hers ran it the first year and once Rosey saw how awesome our organization was and how great the people at Running with the Bears are, she had to run it!  She wants to come back every year and help in any way she can.  She’s a local, so we expect to see her there!!

When asked why she became a charity runner, she replied, “How could I NOT be a charity runner?!”  Raising money for children is a no brainer especially in a small area.  She feels that the foster kids deserve all the best that any child gets.  Her in-laws owned boys homes years ago for some of the toughest boys in the major cities.  Hearing the stories of how they took the kids camping or how even some of the hardest of kids fell in love with the outdoors makes her want to help bring that to other kids who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity.  The donations they received from people and businesses to help bring new clothes and shoes to kids that would never have been able to have them, drives Rosey on to be someone who can help provide that as well.

Rosey at CIM

Rosey at CIM

Rosey generally only participates in events that have a charity or a cause she feels is worthwhile.  She feels she doesn’t perform well on race day, so she enjoys the atmosphere of the race.  Running with the Bears is a small town race and the feel of it and the people makes it one of her favorites.  How can you not love parking in a pasture and having the start/finish line on someone’s front steps??

Donate to Roseys page HERE

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Charity Running – Jamie Kelley

Last year Jamie completed her first half marathon and would like to complete a full marathon next year.  It’s the first time she’s joined us at Running with the Bears and heard about our race online.  Her boyfriends family is from Greenville.  Running for a good cause made it worth coming since she knew the efforts that go into her training make completing the race a great feeling.

Jamie cheered in high school. She originally wanted to sigh up for a race just for motivation to keep running and stay with it as a form of exercise, but found it so rewarding and fun after finishing the first race, she was hooked. She loves having her boyfriend there waiting for her or seeing him along the course since he comes to cheer her on at each race.

Donate to Jamie’s page HERE 

Jamie Kelley 1 Jamie Kelley 2 Jamie Kelley 3

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Sneak Peak: Hoedown Raffle!




T-minus 4 days until race day! We are getting pretty excited over here at Bears Central! We can’t wait for Saturday and want to give you a sneak peak of some of the cool raffle prizes available to win.

Of course there will be live music, turkey-bingo and an amazing catered dinner at our Running with the Bears Hoedown after party but that’s not all! All year our amazing staff at the Nu 2 U thrift store in Susanville have been putting together raffle baskets for participants to win. They got so creative this year and have really out done themselves! Here is a few photos of the MANY baskets they made.

raffle 1For the girly teen or tween!

raffle 2

fondue you love cheese?

raffle 3

Tea time!

raffle 4Movie & popcorn! 

Make sure you get your hoedown tickets on Friday during packet pick up or on Saturday before or after the race. $30 for adults over 18, $15 for 15-18 year olds and free for children under 12. See you all on Saturday!

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Charity Running – Nancy Quigley

Nancy grew up in Meadow Valley and graduated from Quincy High School.  She first saw a Running with the Bears flyer at the expo for the California International Marathon in Sacramento.  Continue reading

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Aid Station #8…Loco 200 Crew

Loco 200 3

Located along the Marathon route, aid station #8 will be hosted by marathon runners! They are the Loco 200 Crew and they are just that…Loco! They are all runners, or very supportive family and friends of runners that are involved in putting together and hosting The Loco 200 Relay-a 200 mile, 44 hour foot relay in September starting in Forest Ranch and going through Lassen National Forest via Butte Meadows and the Lake Almanor Area. Some of them run ultra-marathons, some run half and full marathons and everyone is each other’s support crew during those events.

Loco 200 2

Their aid station will have a Mardi Gras theme, complete with costumes, music, glitter, noise makers and a super sweet Mardi Gras photo opportunity for anyone who can spare a minute. They will also have misters going to cool all of the hard working runners off as they pass through! Don’t forget about stopping for a snack…they will have fruits, sweets (some of them homemade even!), salty bits and runner’s favorite carbs to boost them up and get them over the halfway hump.

Loco 200 5

Loco 200 1


If their group wins any of the prize money, they will use it to get each of their runners participating in The Loco 200 Relay a Kleen Kanteen pint glass to use for their beer at The Loco 200 relay after party! Any money left over will be donated to one of the organizations benefiting from The Loco 200 Relay (National Forest Foundation Wildfire Fune, California, Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Spondylitis Association of America, Northern California Chapter. Run Loco!

Loco 200 4

Remember to vote for your favorite aid station at the finish line in the categories of “Best Theme” “Best Spirit” and “Best Snack”.

Loco 200 6

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